Juno's Story

JUNO      (Cinnamon Toast)

Sire:  CH Clyrocko Magnum Fizz at Rustar

Dam:  With a Girl Like You

1998 - 2010


With the loss of Gypsy, we were down to just one dog and wanted a second.  Although I looked at other Springer pups, I just didn't have the heart to have another Springer.  At the time there was a newsagents shop opposite to the office where I was working, and the owner had a very big and very soppy Boxer dog.  A visit to Crufts on Working Day and seeing 400 Boxers all under one roof convinced me this was my next breed.  I just needed to find the right pup.


I had recently changed jobs, and was working near Bath for a publisher.  One of my colleagues mentioned she was taking the following week off work - "Going on holiday?" I asked, "No, my dog's having pups so I'm taking the week off".  "What kind of dog?" I asked, "A Boxer" was the reply - KISMET!  Eight weeks later we came home with a sweet red bitch puppy, and named her Juno - Jackdaw was underwhelmed.  They became good friends, and as we got so much amusement from our daft, loving Boxer I came to see that the Boxer temperament was better suited to a cat orientated household than the Springer temperament.  When we lost Jackdaw in 2002, we decided one Boxer was enough dog for anyone, and stayed with one dog.  Juno had a long and fulfilled life and, luckily for us, stayed active right up until the last hour of her life.  We never had to see her decline and fail, and for that I'm eternally grateful.  But what a huge hole she left in our lives and home, one that could only be filled by another Boxer.