Jackdaw's Story

JACKDAW     (Tucking Mill Jackdaw)

Sire:  Flintwood Finch

Dam:  Smutty of Tucking Mill

1988 - 2002


My second dog was also black and white, but this time an English Springer Spaniel, Jackdaw, bred by and given to me by my then boss, John Stewart.  John owned two Springers, Smutty (Jackdaw's dam), and her dam Magpie of Marchamley.  Smutty and Maggie came to the office each day occupying their own beds in the Board Room, it was great to work for a boss who was also an animal lover, and when Smutty produced a litter of four pups, I was given pick of litter, and Jackdaw came home to live with me.  Like all Springers he was like a coiled spring, full of energy and required a lot of exercise (very good for the figure).  He was a real country dog, and loved to hunt for rabbits and swim in the streams and the local Kennet & Avon Canal.