Cara's Story

CARA    (Jimbren Little Darlin)

Sire:   AM CH Araby American Flyer to Jimbren

Dam:  Jimbren Devil's Darlin

26th September 2011 - 16th May 2020


It took nearly a year to find the right puppy, and many e-mails to and fro across the Irish Sea.  Cara is from Co. Laois, and is a distant relative of Juno.  Although she is from an American import sire, her dam is descended from Juno's grand-sire, CH Jimbren Royal Scot.  So begins another chapter in my dog-owning life,  the joys of house-training, chasing a puppy around the garden in the pouring rain because it hasn't learned to come back to you yet, rescuing my clean, freshly folded washing from the kitchen floor pulled off the kitchen table when my back is turned.  At least she hasn't eaten my mobile phone and glasses yet as Juno did.  And to think this all started with a £1 mongrel puppy more than 50 years ago.


UPDATE December 2012

Cara starts Dog Borstal in January 2013 - just don't ask!


UPDATE January 2013

Well the first session went well thanks to Tina at Dogwise Training School.  Cara has now been spayed, and once she's fully recovered, starts training in earnest!


UPDATE October 2015

Cara is now grown up, and much better behaved - and only forgets all she's learned occasionally!



Sadly, we had to take the decision to let Cara go.  She had been diagnosed with kidney disease when quite a young dog (18 months of age), and we had managed it pretty well.  My current Vet practice had made the last few months possible, and she was able to enjoy the Spring and her usual walks in

the fields that she loved so much.  Last Friday it was obvious she was tired and had enough, and so we took that last sad journey on Saturday morning.  Because of Covid restrictions we could not go with her into the practice, but my Vet sedated her in the car, and we could spend the last 10 minutes or so with her.  She has left a large gap in our home and lives.



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